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One Dream

Sing Your Golden Song Of Silence

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About Me

Nickname: Imari or Mitsuki

Online: http://www.facebook.com/mitsukichi
Journals: mitsuki_chi
Birthday: December 30th 1983
Western Sign: Capricorn
Eastern Sign: Boar

The Japanese name Mitsuki may be written with the characters for "beautiful; beauty" (mi) and "moon; month" (tsuki). Other possibilities include "ray; light" (mitsu) and "strong" or "brandish; wave; swing" for 'ki'.

I'm just your average girl. I love anime and manga. :)

I currently am betrothed to a wonderful man who goes by the online name of theshadowsage, or Sage for short. No children at the moment; although Sage does have one son; C4.

I'm extremely shy which makes my life difficult on a daily basis.

That's about it. Just give me a chance. ^_^ I'm extremely open to everything and enjoy learning new ways and ideas. Thankies for reading! *bow*

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I adopted a Jigglypuff plushie from Suta-raito.com! Asuka/Manjyome is love

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